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Monday, August 22, 2011

Something My Mother Used To Make

This sort of cooking reminds me of large cloth bound cook books with black and white photographs of canapes, of Margaret Fulton, the Womens Weekly and my mother.

Brown some mince
Add some finely chopped veg of choice.
Cook it off a bit.
Add some of my bottled tomatoes and some of my lovely spicy tomato pasata
Puff pastry is one thing I do use pre-made and from the freezer. 
Sprinkle it with cheese (I also added some feta because I could and a scant sprinkle of rosemary leaves)
Roll it and cut it into 2cm slices.
After placing the filling in a casserole dish, top with the pastry slices like so and bake till golden.
Comforting and filling.


  1. oh this looks like something my meat and pastry eating teens would love.

    Thanks, it's going on my menu plan. (while i was writing that sentence all i could think of was it's going straight to the poolroom!)

    cheers Kate

  2. OMG Tanya! I remember this recipe! I probably have it in my 'recipe drawer'. I think it won a prize for the person who sent it in to the Womens Weekly or Woman's Day...such memories...

  3. Well I know what I am having for dinner tomorrow night! Thank you for sharing such a great recipe...

  4. Thanks for sharing, we have lots of mince to use up in the freezer, so fresh recipe ideas are very welcome!

  5. Ooh, this looks delicious, my mouth's watering!

  6. wow - I have never seen anything like this. It looks easy and quite delicious. I am putting puff pastry on my list now so I'll be prepared. :-)


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