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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flowers In Bathroom (I) and Feng Shui

No matter what, there is one place in my house that has a floral display at all times, even if it is just a big armful of fishbone fern. 
Maybe it is the Feng Shui sensitivity in me but I find the bathroom is very heavy in water, air, metal and that is why I always have candles for fire and something floral for wood. 
It may not be strictly orthodox but I think we instinctively have a yearning for a balance of elements. 
I know I like to always spy out Claire's floral arrangements when I visit Sweet Birdy Love and it does my heart good so I hope it brings simple pleasure to you also.


  1. Beautiful camellias and arrangement Tanya!

  2. Hey Tanya, thanks for the shout out........... always love flowers in the bathroom. There's a bunch of Jonquils in there at the moment.

    Love your Camellias too, mine's flowering a treat........

    The Wattle is blooming now and I love bunches of those fluffy yellow balls, so bright, cheery and Springlike.

    The rain has finally stopped after 2 inches of the wet stuff fell.
    Hope your week is going well,

    Claire :}

  3. What a gorgeous blog you have Tanya and it's interesting too...
    I love your bathroom flowers, oh how I miss our old garden choc-a-block full of beautiful camellia's, I used to float them in big bowls and platters throughout the house...

  4. Huh, I love flowers in the house, but the thought of them in the bathroom gives me the creeps. Don't know why--just seems strange to me.

    Books. Piles of books belong in the bathroom. Maybe we could meet halfway and have botanical tomes decorating the thrones?

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