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Thursday, June 16, 2011

What My Father Taught Me

My Father taught me four important things...

1. How to oil my bike chain

2. NOT to saw asbestos sheeting

3. How to iron a business shirt


4. How to make awesome popcorn.

Thanks Dad xxx


  1. Sounds like a lovely Dad.
    My Dad taught me to apply paint.
    Not to saw asbstos sheeting.
    How to light a fire.
    To undercoat timber before you join it.

  2. My Dad taught me -

    How to put out electrical and grease fires without killing myself or making it worse. (he's a fireman)
    Military standard bed making and shoe polishing
    Basic car maintenance
    and To "fake it till you make it"

  3. Dad taught me to be resourceful.
    To weld
    To do wood working
    To ride a trail bike
    To be a tomboy
    To drive a car-aarrh & that most def wasn't fun!!!

  4. Thanks Ladies, I've really enjoyed your comments.

  5. Hey Tanya, love reading all the comments and your post.

    What did my dad teach me?

    Not to practice bagpipes inside the house ( not that I play them!!)

    How to check the pressure in car tyres.

    How to look after and clean the ride on mower and last but not least

    How to clean my school shoes good and proper.............

    Having a lovely hol, we're in Hobart at the moment. Can't send emails but will call over the weekend to see if we can manage a catchup next Tuesday.
    We leave Tassie next Wednesday.

    Caught the ferry over to the Mona today, oooooeeeeeee.............


    Claire :}

  6. When I was about 12, dad was horrified at how I 'mumbled' when an adult asked me how I was. he taught me to say, 'I'm very well thank you...and how are you?' He also patiently taught me in Grade 2 how to spell our family name 'Barbagallo' which I found a challenge to spell then! lol

  7. Hallo There - i think the plant for your garden might be Valerian ;)

    My Dad taught me:
    How to catch travel bugs
    How to oil change my car
    How to read a map
    How to fish

    And thats just to name a few !
    Thanks Dad (oh yeh and precise shirt ironing too)


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