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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Power Packed Day and Ricotta Spinach Pie

I have had the best day FULL of energy and vitality.
I'm at a loss as to where it came from and I haven't had a burst like that for months.
I felt years younger today.
Could it be I was mentally enthused when I got home from work yesterday to find Craig had vacuumed, dusted some and brought the washing in and put clean sheets back on the bed.
It's awesome to have help like that but what he probably doesn't realise is that the greatest gift he has given me is the chance to go straight to the other jobs that always seem to be waiting.
After cleaning the bathroom first thing I swept the whole house exterior for cobwebs and dust then washed all the windows inside and out. 
After Craig fixed the cap on the chimney flue, I swept a quarter of the roof of creosote dust (very corrosive on the Colourbond don't you know) and then washed out the gutter. I swept the back path and landing and hosed it clean then pulled off the last of the dead green bean vines and saved some more seed.
Next was a big harvest of spinach and greens to make use of more ricotta.
After a thorough wash and chop, onions, chilies and garlic from the garden added to our precious eggs (the girls are only supplying one egg a day at the moment) and more ricotta and into a filo pastry shell (sorry Kat don't have quite that much energy to make my own filo-drawing the line girl) and 
voila (not walah - it's French people)
A massive pie.
I have also made another batch of the Tomato Ricotta Gnocchi and frozen them (gasp!)
(I know but I have to get through all these kilos of ricotta)
AND I have made another Lime Almond Ricotta Cake.
More washing,
more folding,
keep the fire going....and....
I'm done!
If you have read this all the way through, thank you for allowing me to skite and celebrate a wonderful day full of energy. Some of you will be only in your 20's and 30's and you will wonder what all the fuss is about. I too thought I would always have plenty of steam. 
So make hay while the sun shines, it certainly did on me today (literally it was beautiful and warm today Claire)
Only 1.25kg of ricotta to go people and I have just found a recipe for a Blueberry Ricotta cake,
maybe tomorrow....


  1. Wow! I am tired after reading all your activity - hope you put your feet up tonight. Cathy

  2. Well done Tanya, I am impressed......

    When you discover the secret of your burst of energy, please, please, please share it.

    Big brownie points to Craig to, what a great help.

    Glad to hear you've had some sunny weather, it makes all the difference and you're lucky you're getting one egg a day...........

    Well, better go and swing the axe I'm not going to chop wood, hehe......

    Claire :}

  3. What a productive day! I'm very impressed Tanya as I don't have many days like that these days...slow and steady...that's me!

  4. stationview cottageJune 30, 2011 at 10:42 PM

    I love days like those. Boy does that spinach pie look great. yum!!

  5. You've made me feel motivated reading this gorgeous post!!!

    I love the spinach pie and can't wait to give one a try for my family - thanks for sharing...

    Jodie :)


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