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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Week Of Resurekt

I have been looking after the shop for my friends at Resurekt this week and it has meant plenty of time to sew in the workroom adjoining the shop.
I started Matthew off on the pear doorstops when the shop first opened and he has made (and sold) quite a few now. He uses scraps from upholstering with reclaimed and re-purposed fabrics and even vinyl scraps for the leaves and "stems".

Claire from Sweet Birdy Love kindly gave me the nod to make some egg cosies from her pattern.
Claire has encouraged me to give free machine sewing a try and I can see how it could become addictive. It's like sketching with thread. 
These lead to a pair of .....
pot mitts,
which match the .....
kitchen hand towel,
that goes with the ......
apron (on the right).
I also made the apron on the left there and ....
this one.....
I'm soooo in live with this fabric. It reminds me of the cowboy wallpaper on my cousins bedroom when we were kids and of my brothers' pajamas.
If it doesn't sell in the next week I'm going to bring it home I think.
I know the photography is not fabulous but I left the camera in the car and retrieved it as I was closing up last night so I could take a few shots.
These beautiful windows look across the road to a tranquil and very seasonal park and to the street beyond of federation houses. The area is really quaint and it is a serene backdrop for the shop.
Here are a couple taken with my phone....
Easily the most popular piece in the shop at the moment. Even my 80 year old mother-in-law loves this one.
It's re-purposed fake fur, woolen blankets and fabric with self covered buttons. On these wintry wet days people just want to jump in and curl up away from the world.
Or how about an irreverent touch-up on a 70's print. It's very hard to tell because Mathew has cleverly added the pink parasol reflection to the bottle and it looks original.
This is one of my favourites. This was original one of those cream stoneware/plaster mass produced wall vases but Mathew has applied his trompe l'oeil expertise (I know! He's not just a pretty face) and turned it into a theatre piece. Very glamorous.
You can also find Resurekt on Facebook
It's been quite a busy but very fulfilling week.


  1. Tanya, I just love all those items...especially that apron!Those fabrics are really exciting and as for that armchair...magnificent!

  2. Hi Tanya..lots of treasures in there..I had to laugh seeing those guns on the turnover of the pocket on the apron..quick draw! That fabric has the same memories for little brother was always dressing up as a cowboy and we made teepees in the back yard and tied one another to the clothesline!

  3. Squeeee! I used that red cowboy print in a quilt I made for my dear friend Bet's son when he was a little baby. I just love it! Can't believe you found the same print all the way around and under the world from me. So cool!

  4. Whaaaat !
    They have come up brilliantly Tanya (don't know what you were talking about !)
    Claires prodigee is npt a bad place to be - I can see you being very busy with that sewing machine.
    Had a ball in resurekt - its like timewarping to places in your memory (I guess because this stuff is from my childhood).
    Oh if only i were allowed to go shopping (for sometghing other then bread and milk that is).

  5. Yaaaaaaaaay Tanya.........lovin' those cosies, that orange blanket is brilliant and the potholders to match, well done.

    It is fun and addictive so beware. Once you're hooked everything becomes a canvas for your creativity.

    I have just had 2 boiled eggs and toast soldiers for lunch, it's just one of those days and then I saw what you have been up to.............

    I love your 'cowdy ' apron and the daisy one as well. You've been busy and they turned out well.
    I think you might have to whip up a 'cowdy' one for yourself as I'm sure it won't be on sale for long.......
    I am just about to drag out my machine and bits and pieces and 'do' something. I've been itchin' to get stitchin' so from a beautifully drizzly, grey N.E. Vic, catch you later,

    Claire :}

  6. Well waddyaknow, we (Olly and Fiona) were in Resurekt only last week after Lee mentioned it over the ploughman's launch at her place..! Had a good yarn with Matthew about oooh, missing ecosalve, recycling fabrics and conspiracy theories involving social media. The usual.

  7. OMG, thank goodness I don't live locally. I wouldn't be able to control myself. Gorgeous textures & lov the pot mitts plus that CHAIR!!!!

  8. so many beautiful things


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