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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Faces to Names

This week I have been working between my real job and looking after the shop Resurekt for my friends and there has not been a spare moment.
My blogging friend Claire (Sweet Birdy Love) was over from the Big Island and I was NOT going to miss a meet up.
So we had coffee and slice at the shop.
Lee from Killiecrankie Farm came by and also Chris from Chrisartist
Three hours passed like thirty minutes!
We talked about where we work, why we blog and the amazing 6 degrees of separation in life.
We had a very interesting discussion about "ageism" especially in the workforce and the evolving role of women and their return to traditional roles.
We spoke of art and music and children.
Presents were exchanged along with many hugs.
It was like we had known each other for ages...
but of course we have, just not face to face.
We have an elaborate pen pal type relationship after all.
We read each others blogs because we are interested in similar things, so in a way we are already "vetted"
I have included two links at the bottom especially for Lee. The cake we had Lee was based from this recipe
but I substituted dates and sultanas for the apricots and four weet-bix for the bran. I love this recipe, you adjust it to what is in the pantry at the time.
This post
features raspberries but is actually the date slice we had this week.
This recipe is very dear to me; it was given to me by a school friend in about Grade 10 or 11 and it has been passed to many others since. 
Ladies thank you for your generosity, wisdom, boldness and spirit.
It's been a very special week.


  1. What a get together !

    Can't wait to walk around Claires garden next year when we get to the big island.

    Thanks for linking the recipe's - my sister fliched the left over slice from Wee Hermanns lunch box yesterday - its going on the menu !

  2. Thank you Tanya, for inviting bloggers to join you.
    I am so happy I came.
    It was great to find Claire is Richard Perso's Mum!!
    Richard is a favourite of the Tamar Valley Folk Festival
    Small world.

  3. So lovley for you all ladies, do you think this is what's missing these days? Everyone is too busy to stop and enjoy each others company. It sounds like such a nice day :)

  4. Hey Tanya, thanks for playing hostess for our catchup, it was great and you made me feel so welcome and at home.

    I love Resurekt, it's a great little shop and I hope it does really well...........

    It was fun chatting about all sorts of things, meeting Lee and Chris, we could've talked for ages...........

    I always felt a tinge of envy reading about others having bloggy catchups and now I know why, because they are so enjoyable.

    We had a rough crossing on the ferry and not much sleep but one of the highlights of our holiday was our get together. Thanks for posting the recipe too..........

    Claire X


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