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Monday, June 20, 2011

Must Reads

Photo sourced from Urban Homestead South Africa Blog

From the paucity of posts you may have gathered that I have been a little busier of late.
I would not insult your intelligence either with just any old drivel trying to fill a space.
If I have nothing of value to add then I would rather remain silent.

There are some who have said something very important in the past week.
The first is from Urban Homestead South Africa in her post "Back Then"
Oh out of the mouths of babes....
An overhead remark from a Gen Y to...well someone of a much older generation before they were labeled, gives rise to some very pertinent musings. 

Photo from Mount Gnomon blog

The second is from the Mount Gnomon blog and their post entitled 
The lovely couple of Mount Gnomon Farm are champions of the rare breeds and ethical farming.
They produce, among other things, true "organic free range pork products" from their Wessex Saddle Back Pigs.
Eliza gives a very moving and honourific account of a sow's first farrowing at the farm this week.
I felt every movement and struggle.
Have you ever had someone describe their labour of birthing and found yourself almost pushing through contractions in empathy?
It's like that. 
I have long admired Eliza's photography but her writing is also quite divine.

I am so excited about tomorrow.
She is having a little holiday in the State.
I am looking after the shop all day tomorrow so she is calling into 
Resurekt at 270 Invermay Rd at 9.30.
I have made Date Slice and Lee from Killiecrankie Farm is also coming.
Any other bloggers who would like to meet Claire or Lee are quite welcome to come in and have a cuppa and some slice. 


  1. Let me hop into my own private Concorde jet and I'll be right over. Oh. Except I have to capture the skunk tonight that attacked my maybe not.

  2. What a lovely offer. Wish I could.

  3. stationview cottageJune 21, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    I should be coming into town tomorrow and will certainly try, would love to meet you both. But if I make it, it will be a quick visit as our darling boy will be with me and he doesn't sit still long! what a lovely offer :-)

  4. What a wonderful morning tea too Tanya - could have spent all day with you wonderful women !

    There is so much pleasure to be had with a piece of cake and good company, and the venue provided Wee Hermann with a room full of boys toys ;) - who would have guessed THAT of a tape measure !

  5. Hey Tanya, it was so much fun and something I will always remember about my trip to Tassie..........

    I didn't actually get to try your date slice, just enjoying the company and conversation, though it did look delish.........

    Lovely to meet you, Lee and Chris and I just looooove the shop.
    How wonderful to spend a couple of days a week there.
    By the way have you got those egg cosies for sale yet???

    Claire X


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