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Friday, June 10, 2011

Caught My Interest Last Week...

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar has challenged us to thank someone who has made a difference in her weekly segment "Wake Up Wednesday"
I wrote and thanked Andrew Wilke for speaking so well this week in defense of the cruelty to beasts in live trade.

And Housewife Eclectic gave us really really welcome advice advice about photographing people to look thinner. Loved it. Some good chin tips.

Sitting On Top Of Our World told us about making basil oil. I am grateful to find another great way of using basil abundance in something other than pesto. Imagine this dressing for greens in the winter months.


And Q Made took me into their summer garden giving me a brief escape from the wintry wonderland I am wallowing in. I'm gazing at snow covered mountains out of the window but imagining I'm hosing the vegies and indulgently laughing at the mud fighting foes in the other hemisphere.

Thank you ladies and gentleman for sharing and teaching me lots of new things.


  1. Gee you are the blog surfer !
    A most excellent selection there Tanya - I really need to get myself over to Gavins after the holidays.
    And that mushroom kit is like living art - I want one.
    Good on your for writing to Andrew, its something more of us need to do - provide positive feedback, not just the negative.

  2. I want a mushroom kit too, failing that I would love to forage with a local group??? Love your weekly highlights..keep up the fabulous work!!


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