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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Past Week

The hat was finished and found it's way to a beautiful little girl who has recently got a part in a musical.
I see lots of cold days in rehearsal ahead for her.
They are exactly her colours and she looked divine.

A few jars of olives have already found other homes too and I'm thinking these make wonderful gifts.

Sleep patterns have a bit disturbed with adjustments to Craig's work schedule.
I've had a birthday which is always exciting
and Mother has arrived home after three months abroad.

I have made a couple of cushions from some vintage bark cloth and fine linen.
They are now in the shop Resurekt.

I adore linen and it was a joy to sew.

Also another apron, completely reversible and in size M
also available at Resurekt.

It looks bluish but the contrast is actually a vibrant purple and also has purple gingham.
I just had to dress the pocket with the selvage information edge.
Again a gorgeous fabric.

A big week.....


  1. Yowsers Tanya, you have been busy whipping up some wonderful things.....

    Gorgeous barkcloth and the colours in the apron, just stunning.

    The pattern for that hat looks quite tricky, it's very cute, reminds me of the gumnut babies with their little pointy gumnut hats. I'm sure it will be well worn and appreciated with this cold snap.

    Hope you are staying warm and toasty.......

    Claire :}

  2. My have been busy! All your projects look lovely. I love the colours in the hat!

  3. Happy Birthday Tanya!

    My you do do a lot! Always good when Mums are home hey!

  4. Happy birthday, dear! I hope you had the blast you deserve!!!!

  5. P.S. I knew there was something important I forgot to say..........

    "Hippo Birdie Two Ewes, Hippo Birdy Two Ewes"

    Hope you had a lovely day and were thoroughly spoilt.

    Claire :}

  6. I'm in love with those cushions. And I agree, olives are a fabulous gift.

    Many happy returns!

  7. You've achieved loads. Those olives looks so yummy and the apron so vibrant. The beanie hat is uber cool... and yes... sewing with linen - heavenly!

  8. Your projects look lovely. I love the colors in the hat!

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  9. thank you for my hat. I love wearing it and I can't wait to wear it on Sunday to my first rehearsal. Love Maggie xx


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