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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tractors, Sheep Dogs and Finery

All hand crafted in Tasmania by Geoff Murray from sterling silver.
Prices start from $25.
Geoff is also a gem facetor and has studs with sterling silver posts of amethyst, citrine and peridot for just $30!
Today will be a big day as all the townies will come out.
The pearl has sold but the earrings and the pendant above it are part of his Tarkine Collection. These are also available from the Makers Market design centre in Burnie (naturally at retail prices).
Geoff's work is also available at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery Shop but if you want a wholesale bargain, today is the last day at AGFEST.

Occasionally I pop out for a toilet break and ooh aah over the vintage machinery like this beautifully restored Massey Ferguson tractor.

or equally I ooh ahh over the working dogs in action.

They are amazing!
I would go to AGFEST just for the sheepdog trials!
I never get tired of watching them.
I once had a dog like this and his focus and attention was manic.
All day long he just lived for me to tell him what to do.
He lived for instruction and if I couldn't give him something to do, he found me something to give him to do!
What a dog! Miss him terribly.
Well hope to see you today. I would love to meet anyone visiting.


  1. I do love an old tractor. Sounds like it's lots of fun, wish I could just pop over for a visit.

    Have a glorious weekend.


  2. This post makes me wish I lived there! AGFEST would be tons of fun!

  3. Sounds like a great day...

    Love the old tractor, my Dad collects these things (restores old tractors) so I guess one day I will own a few of my own lol.

    Hubby wants to go see sheep dogs in action one of these days too, they often have sheep dog trials at a nearby town.

    Have a beaut weekend, hope the weather is nice for you!



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