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Sunday, May 1, 2011

John Glover Skies

I find the skies in Tasmania take on a special unique appearance in Autumn.
The sunsets are usually more spectacular and at other times I can really see what it was the artists of colonial times were trying to capture.
When I look at a sky like this, I feel the years collapse and I can almost see John Glover (1767-1849) in this very paddock painting another rural scene.
This photo is taken not far from Evandale which is the home of the Jon Glover society and it is very probable that he did indeed roam these hills.
Another favourite artist who comes to mind when I see these skies is William Charles Piguenit (1836-1914). He was Tasmanian born and I know he was also enthralled by these same skies.

I love to feel this connection with painters from 200 years ago.
More importantly I appreciate the historical points of reference their paintings provide, both physically and anthropologically speaking. Obviously there were no cameras to capture precisely these scenes.
Will people stop painting these beautiful skies now because we have cameras to document every aspect of our world or will there still be those driven to capture delight by their own skill?
Will we continue to gaze or are we becoming blase?
When considering art for your home, are you drawn still to landscapes or a more modern art now?


  1. I am heading out to Greens beach in 3 weeks and am so looking forward to Tassie in the Autumn. I look forward to seeing these skies and sunsets, I cannot wait!

  2. Beautiful, cloud formations and sunsets win my vote every time Tanya.

    I remember doing an oil painting class and how hard it was to paint clouds so that they looked like.....clouds (maybe it was just me!!)

    It's landscapes all the way for me. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend,

    Claire X

  3. Wow. I love this post subject Tanya.
    As an artist. I can say sky isthe most important part of the landscape for me, so I appreciate your thoughts.
    As a watercolorist the sky is often the subject that creates the mood of the painting and much training and practice is done to perfect it.
    I have been fortunate to train with our own master of skies here in Tassie Tony Smiebert.
    Once people start looking at sky, they become hooked. You are so right.
    The light in Tasmania in Autumn is fantastic.


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