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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Knitted Hat - 20 Years In The Making

This is my current project at the moment. It is a pattern I have been mooning over for 20years now and I can prove it.....
It is from the Vogue Knitting magazine Autumn '91 issue.
I treasure my stack of Vogue Knitting mags and every year when the weather turns cool,
I get them out and pour over them.
Last week at our monthly Ravelry group (SnB) meet up, the others also poured over the magazine.
We oohed and aahed and got different viewpoints about the merit of dropped shoulders and what ply the dress would be made from....
One of the other girls also had the same issue at home too.
It was interesting to see the changes in the fashions from 20yrs ago and also how many were relevant still today and some even "retro" and cool.
We have wonderful discussions.
Naturally we are keen to discuss around the table everyone's current projects and feel everyone's yarns.
We talk about yarn a lot!
But we also talked about;
Vitamin D and the links with some diseases,
Stem cell research,
Growing up Catholic and being taught by nuns,
The future of books of paper pages/electronic books
Manners and hygiene
Travel plans
Children and Relationships

And we talk some more about knitting....
I love the diverse group of people who have come together in this group.
We are diverse in backgrounds and careers and even age group.
Knitting is the common thread that has woven our little group into a much looked forward to monthly session.
Thousands of people world wide are linked to Ravelry and there are many, many groups.
Don't be shy, link up with one of the groups and meet someone new, or even start a group yourself.
Knitting can be such a solitary activity and it is lovely to be in a like-minded group.
Everyone has different skill levels but it's not a competition, it's just a social.
So the basic gist of this "beenie" is that it is knit around the brim first and then joined and using circular needles to pick up stitches around the edge and knit to with ever decreasing circles to form the "cap" section.
The brim is fascinating as there is a knit together and an increase in rows 1 and 3 that create the diagonal slant of the brim.
The colours consist of a pattern over 6 rows and then on the 10th the trick is to reach in back and down 6 rows and pick up a stitch and knit it together with a coloured one thus making them into a kind of "bobble" section. It gives a wonderful and intriguing texture.
I can't reproduce the pattern here as I think it would be a copyright breach.


  1. WOo hoo you are tackling a long lost UFO : o )

  2. Your SnB sessions sound great !
    Wish we had something up our way, but there isn't even a cafe open after dark here that would take a few knitters:(

    Awesome beanies, they remind me of those domes on the palaces in St Petersburgh.

  3. Old books are wonderful to get lost in :)) Nothing better on a rainy night by the fire , with all those patterns to pour over...:))
    Hope you are keeping warm :))


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