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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

25cent Dolly Dress Ups

I had a bleak autumn day last week so I got out the sewing machine looking for a small project and found this.
You may remember a couple of months ago I visited an op shop and found a plastic bag containing lots of other little bags like this....
They look like dress up sewing projects that would have been part of those weekly newsagent things.
Some sort of bears and outfits thingy that you build on week by week.
The bag contained about eight outfits in kit form and cost me $2 and I'm thinking it will be good for when the grandchildren finally come along.
I just need to find a doll to fit them, shouldn't be too hard.
What a fun little project though, I can make up one whenever I have the whim and at around 25cents an outfit, that is cheap craft!


  1. they are well cute - maybe a nice raggy doll in a ever-so-smart get up would work . . . whats the PC version these days for a mama/gollywog - that would be cute too ~!

    i'm sure Jenny's "dolly on friday " would have some inspiration.

  2. What a lovely little outfit. I love making doll clothes.

  3. The outfit is adorable. Wish I liked to make doll clothes for my grand daughters would love it. Your grand child when ever it comes along will be blessed.


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