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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ceramic Ginger Grater

A couple of posts ago I was telling you about the ceramic pie weights and how they are Craig's favourite kitchen gadget.
The ceramic ginger grater is one of mine.
It is simply a piece of cast porcelain and glazed on one side.
There is a good size hole at the top to hold it by and a series of raised "dots" that are really effective at shredding the ginger.
Every scrap of shred can be salvaged into the cooking and wash up is a simple rinse clean.
Cost is next to nothing and it is at least 15 years old and doesn't look like wearing out.
They are still commonly available in kitchen stores.
This would also make a very good kitchen tea or engagement present with a couple of hand knitted kitchen cloths.


  1. I didn't know these existed Tanya, certainly not available around here, must keep my eye out when I visit the city. Yes it is a great gift idea.

    I do know if you freeze ginger it is a lot easier to grate.

    Have a great day,



  2. i'm with tania--news to me! i'll have to see if my friend, monica, can get them for her shop. i am always so frustrated by how much ginger i can't salvage when grating on our metal grater.

  3. Eh I have never seen one of these! WIll look when I am in town again!

  4. You have great kitchen gadgets Tanya.
    I will hunt for one.

  5. I haven't got one either, but my sister a chef, swears by them - also good for horseradish she says !

  6. isn't it sweet? I'd love it too.


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