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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Plane Anniversary

Hmmm can you tell what it is?

Well how about this one?
(Please note wonderful garlic crop hanging in the upper right of photo)

Perhaps now you can see....
It's a plane!
You are looking from the rear. No wings yet.
Craig for reaching one year of building!
This is what Craig does with his spare time in the garage.
It is going to be a Sonerai.
Just like making a dress from a pattern really.....
Only one more year to go.
Every boy needs a hobby.


  1. We had a Cessna when I was a kid.
    In my next life I'll be a bush pilot.
    I love small planes!

  2. my dad was an aircraft engineer and despite his explanations i still can't get how these things can stay in the air !
    Congrats Craig - determination and patience all rolled into that frame :)


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