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Monday, November 29, 2010

Red Crotchet Popcorn Garland

I was originally going to thread real popcorn garlands for Christmas this year but I just can't guarantee the safety of them with the dogs.
Lee at Killiecrankie Farm got me thinking with her crotchet leaf garland she has been making for Christmas and I remember my grandmother making me a bedspread when I was a young girl using popcorn stitch.
Using 100% wool also means that the garland will be safe around the lights on the tree and it can be hand washed and stored for many years to come.
I do 12 chain st (the last 2 I count as a treble) then I do 6 trebles into the 10th chain
I do not complete each treble. You yarn over and pull through once and then leave the next sitting on the needle so you end up with seven stitches sitting along the hook
you yarn over and pull through all of them together.....
this forms a popcorn.
Of course you can vary how many chain stitches between and how many trebles to determine the size of your popcorn but this is what I found effective and manageable.

....or if you have neither the time or inclination I am selling garland on etsy for $1/metre just tell me how long you need it.


  1. What a great idea, I also seen on a blog somewhere pom poms for the baubles.

  2. These are fab! I'm trying to have a home-made Christmas this year. Trouble is I keep coming across another great project to try and I'm at risk of not finishing any of them!

  3. This garland looks so pretty on the tree. I like the thought of homemade decorations, they look good.

    Should get off my b*m and make some too!

  4. Hey Tanya, thanks for popping by for a visit, lovely to hear from you.
    Your popcorn garland looks very effective against the greenery, a nice way to decorate your tree.
    I have been working on a heart garland for some time now and going nowhere fast.....
    I better get busy and finish it and get another UFO out of the way....
    Enjoy your weekend.


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