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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Lee at Killiecrankie Farm AKA Christmas Tree Farmer has put out the call for Tasmanian crafters to make Christmas Tree ornaments for the display at the Atrium Cafe.
I have quickly made some fabric heart shapes for Christmas tree ornaments from my fabric stash.
It is no co-incidence that I have chosen red and teal/aqua to co-ordinate with Lee's own scheme that she has passionately been working on. If you haven't visited here is a link to her crocheted leaf garland...inspiring!
"Peace on Earth" is stamped on fine lawn  and hand sewn onto the cotton heart stuffed with new poly fibre fill.
Blue Bird is a screen printed fabric cut motif and ironed on to contrasting woven cotton fabric and poly fibre filled.
These I hope will look very complimentary with Lee's crocheted decs.


  1. gonna get me one some of those !

    janie will be stoked Tanya - they are beautiful - love the stamping on fabric idea :)

  2. Love the hand made ornaments. I have always thought you were a very talented.


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