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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Hearts Go Out Across the Water

Australians have demonstrated time and again their empathy and generosity for others in time of crisis.
We feel a particular affinity for our close neighbours in New Zealand.
New Zealand has suffered terrible natural disasters this year; earth quakes, floods and storms.
Lives have been lost along with agriculture and precious breeding livestock.

The latest calamity has left us on the edge of our seats, we have hoped and prayed along with you all.
We watch helplessly as yet another community mourns the loss of 29 miners.
Please know that we mourn with you and wish you a more safe and prosperous New Year.
I would ask you all to spend a minute in your day silently sending love and positive thoughts to our friends across the ditch.

Edit: Shirley Goodwin, a member of the Kiwiquilters, has made an undertaking to gather donated heart blocks to make "Healing Hearts" quilts to distribute to the families. Please follow the link for the address and instructions. A beautiful idea for a cherished keepsake with common bonds of humanity and empathy.


  1. So sorry. I had not heard about this. We have a newcomer at our church that has just moved here from New Zealand. Looking forward to getting to know him. It was so good to hear from you. Hope all is well in your life.

  2. I've been following this, and I'm so sorry for the miners, their families, and even for folks like you whose lives are more closely impacted by the tragedy than we are here in the US.
    Words seem so useless at times like these, don't they?

  3. Thank you, Tanya. There are no smilies on people's faces today in NZ. I tear up everytime I think of the families who have had such a terrible week of waiting for it all to end with such finality.

  4. My prayers are with the miners and families affected by this. My heart goes out to them, Elaine

  5. Thank you for posting this, Tanya. There is a strong affinity between our countries, and I remember when we sent quilts to the victims of the bushfires in Oz.

    Any heart blocks are gratefully received.



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