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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sharing the Love

About a week ago my good friend Lee over at (1) Killiecrankie Farm sent me a blog award which is another way of sharing the love.
It's about sharing our admiration of others and showing you where we go for help, inspiration and support.
Everyone has their favourites but it's nice to find something new so here is my list of top 10 with heartfelt thanks to one and all for sharing.
2. The Bobwhites cos they never take themselves too seriously. Soap making, bee keeping and French cuisine and a sprinkling of wilderness experience.
3. Little Jenny Wren for motherly words of wisdom and whispers from the past
4. Urban Homestead South Africa for food gardening on the other side of the world but still in my hemisphere.
5. Joyful Chaos has the best story telling and candidly tells of growing up Amish
6. The Magic Onions for Waldorf type children raising activities
7. Housewife Eclectic for easy to understand IT explanations and tutorials
8. Saving the Season for living and eating in the season
9. Annekata for wonderful craft, hand sewing and European-ness (?)
10. Folk City for a bit of Retro-lovin'

There is a bit of something in there for everyone I think.
Please don't feel obligated to perform the shout you guys, I just wanted to share what I eclectically read and it's nice for people to discover fresh faces and ideas.
The last bit Lee also did was write ten random things about herself....
Here are mine xxx

1. The most freaky feeling is when you have the dream you're falling

2. My favourite word is...."Chicane" I love the way it feels in my mouth

3. To de-stress I take a cup of tea and sit with my chooks

4. I love martinis

5. I actively campaign against Boxing Day shopping

6. I still believe in hand written and posted thank you notes, an email just won't do.

7. White linen shirts never goes out of fashion

8. I still have my teddy bear from when I was 4yrs old

9. The very first movie I saw with a boy was "Grease"

10. I was visiting my grandmother at the Gold Coast the day Elvis died


  1. AWwww. I'm blushing! Also, I'm glad you're able to define what the heck the Bobwhites Blog is about, as I never seem to be able to!

  2. found this post last week but forgot to comment. Thank you for thinking of me and for your kind words and thank you for the link to Joyful Chaos which I found some time ago and lost and now I have found her again and am enjoying her sweet posts about her Amish childhood.


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