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Monday, November 22, 2010

Our 1st Growers Market

On Saturday Craig and I got up early and picked for about an hour and harvested lots of mixed greens, scape, some broad beans and lots of leeks. We took along our eggs which weren't many as Craig has been sells them to work colleagues.
The day was perfect and clear and mild. Everything remained fresh and bursting with vitality....

We sold out in about an hour. We also had a couple of jars of rose petal jam and some of my lemon peel (which people should be using now for their Christmas cakes.
It was wonderful to have the opportunity to sell with other like minded people who are passionate about food being local and naturally grown.
It was a joy know that our healthy produce was going into homes within the village.
Here is the link to Collette's blog about her cafe and passions
We hope to be there next fortnight to feed the locals again and I hope you will come along.
Rituel Coffee was there with their fair trade beans that they specifically select and roast.
Also "Edible Landscapes" with trestles of seedlings.
Lot's of scrumptious baking and wood fired naturally leavened breads from Ut si.
But why wait a fortnight, call in to the cafe and meet Collette and Julien and be entranced by the French-style transformation of the little church in Perth (Tas) right in the main street.



  1. Yum nice fresh produce...Well done with the markets, I am pleased that you sold everything.

  2. Good for you! I am envious of your market venue, wish I could shop there. Elaine

  3. What a great range you had Tanya!
    Looks beautifully presented.
    Hope I can make the next one :)

  4. How wonderful to see someone sharing a spring surplus, just as I break my garden down!

    Interesting that you refer to your home as a 'village', as well. I've always associated that word with European villages. The word conveys so much stronger a sense of community, doesn't it?


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