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Friday, December 10, 2010

Red and White Handmade Theme

This year our theme is red and white handmade. A return to simplistic and heartfelt.
The prevailing use of fabric throughout also gives a soft warm tactile feel to the decorations.
It's a naive style of decorating.
I remember a time when hand made was definitely not charming and a symbol of poverty.
Today for me it is a symbol of love, time and effort.
A return to grass roots. I'm not the only one either.
The garland I crocheted was inspired by Lee over at Killiecrankie Farm
and the felt Christmas tree shown here is one of the decorations made by Lee's mum.
It still has lights and a few simple baubles.
Mostly it's cottage prints and cotton hearts...
Red felt trees hemmed in blanket stitch...
red satin balls...
popcorn crotchet woollen garland in memory of Great Grandma Murray


  1. I just love that red garland.
    Simple, pretty, colorful.

  2. I love handmade and natural Christmas decorations. They have so much more meaning than something bought in a shop. Your tree looks lovely.

  3. Tanya, I love your comment about handmade decorations, 'Today for me it is a symbol of love, time and effort' and it's lovely that attitudes are changing and it's not important to have mass-produced items.
    keep up the good work! lol

  4. You were right Tanya - the red tree's have finished off your beautiful colour theme perfectly.
    You've done a brilliant job of getting a handmade christmas in place - you can look at your tree and feel real connection with the spirit of christmas :)


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