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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Following the Theme

It has been a sewing frenzy here lately filling orders of tea towels and hanging hearts. One I hadn't anticipated in fact or really I underestimate my time management....whatever....
I have had the sewing machine up for weeks and have now packed it away and don't want to see it again this side of Christmas.
I imagined I could whip up a wreath in a couple of hours like I normally do but the style I chose really requires a bit of preparation time and planning for the components so I have had to compromise and be minimalist. Lessons learned though.

Using the same scraps of fabric from the hanging hearts, I have attempted to make some fabric flowers and somesuch and sewn them to my vine wreath that I have been using for the past 20+ years, a good investment.
I have found a string of lights with discreet battery pack that are made especially for wreaths (I told you Christmas is my folly) and have simply wound it along with some scrap ric rac. I also hope to crochet some more popcorn garland length to add but we'll see.

For now it's up and off the floor and another mess cleaned up.
I have seen some wreaths made entirely of fabric flowers. Granted most of these are hot glued but I still wonder how many nights of work went into those!
Hmmm yep it definitely needs some more joojshing but....
my wreath is my reminder of life's cycles and as one season leaves another comes.
A year ends and a new one begins.
I should not rail against time or the lack thereof, but flow with the season and learn.
Flow and be in the moments.

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