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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Carrying the Theme Through

I have continued to use the red and white theme with the present wrapping, keeping the style naive and simple.
Again using the sentiment "Peace On Earth" I stamped in a true red colour onto white card stock and using a ruler cut them into rectangular gift tags. Literally took three minutes.

Failing to find economical white paper I wrapped the presents inside out (xmas print on the inside) or used plain brown carry bags recycled from shopping. The "ribbon" is made by cutting thin strips of the same fabrics that I have used in the hanging hearts on the tree.
The same has been applied to the bon bons.

I purchase these large sheets of heavy paper from an art supply store for about $1.20 a sheet and I can cut six bon bons from one sheet so not only can I create what I want, it is economical too.
I re-use the same template every year.
By using about a 150gsm paper I find it is easy to manipulate and roll etc. These cut diamonds are the secret to the bon bon tearing apart with the pull and snapping so that one person ends up with the greater part of the bon bon and is the winner. You can use cardboard rolls but you don't really get the "winner" effect and they are quite robust.
The snaps for inside the bon bon are sold in packs of twelve and are about $2. Every year I source little presents and tricks in the theme colour. I also make the party hats from tissue or crepe paper.
Then place a joke inside and you have the perfect bon bon to get everyone in the mood for the party. The bon bons are absolutely pot luck and it is a true lucky dip as to what someone will get. Sometimes there is swapping and sharing as boys will negotiate a racing car for a lip gloss. All good fun.  I can't show you what is inside as it is kept a big secret from all the family.
Once everything is packed inside and rolled, tabs slotted and sealed, the place where the diamonds are cut out is where the ribbon tightly cinches the ends in. Again I have used strips of the same fabric and the sentiment to dress it up.

All wrapped up!

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  1. I love the red and white. I must also make my crackers much to do so little time! Oh and I love your new bike and can't wait for the updates.


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