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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Walking Home - Autumn

I used to love catching the bus home after work. It would give me half an hour of reading time, or chitty chat with a friend or quiet reflective time. It was a great transition period mentally from work to home.
I also loved the short walk home. I found with my mind quieted, I became more attune to my surroundings and I was able to love this street where I live. I became intimate with its seasonal nuances.

In Autumn......
the days have been gloriously blue but the sun sets noticeably quicker 
and the light is golden casting that hue on everything. 
It makes the autumn leaves look intensely red. 
The colours of the setting sky are reflected in window panes. 
The mountains over to the east are touched on the tips with the last gold and orange of the setting sun, throwing its craggy face into sharp relief.

I can hear my footsteps clearly on the footpath. 
Beyond, the usual sounds of domesticity are quieter as windows are closed earlier now. 
I can smell dinner cooking through the last remaining open windows. 
The air is quite still at this time of year. 
It seems upside down to me that in spring when the trees are heavy with blossom, we have the most wind but in autumn the leaves are left to cling harried little by the wind.

A dog barks out the back of a house, probably to tell someone he's ready for dinner. 
There are scores of birds silhouetted on the electricity wires and I think what a funny thing for them to do. They don't sleep there, so is like a meeting place before they go off as a group to their homes in the trees?

Finally I'm home and my fiery sunset reflecting windows are welcoming me. 
The dog is so excited to see me and is the first to spread the good news. 
I love coming home.

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  1. Very nice, what a beautiful sunset and your neighborhood sounds very inviting.


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