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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plants That Never Bloom

We went to Frankford today for a bush BBQ at a friends' bush block.
As I type, I can still smell the delicious wood smoke that faintly clings to my clothes.

Everyone in Tasmania has been commenting about the abundance of mushrooms in the paddocks this season. Conditions have been perfect; the right amount of rainfall and some mild to warm days ( in fact Tasmania recorded it's warmest April in 150 years), so that means an abundance of fungi in general.

I have NEVER seen it like this before! The sheer amount and variety are breathtaking. I find the world of fungi fascinating and when the children were little we often read a picture book about fungi and even today when they see fungi they quote from the book, "the plant that never never blooms!"

Pretty amazing huh! We had a 14yr old boy with us too and it was an opportunity he hasn't had before either. It was a beautiful glimpse into another world. These were all found within about 30 metres


  1. The purple one looks as if it is melting. How fantastical.

  2. We're eagerly awaiting the fungi season here. We drove up into the hills yesterday and searched for morels to no avail. Usually they're abundant in early May.

  3. Wow, that's amazing, they're beautiful. Each pic is totally awesome.

  4. I have never seen a purple mushroom before. Very pretty.


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