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Sunday, May 16, 2010


This is the grapevine in summer on the back fence. I grow it mainly as a lush green screen that effectively covers a very boring backyard fence.
But all things change and come the season of autumn, the leaves turn and drop and my fence is revealed yet again in all its ordinary dull weathered grey.

However I do have bright butterflies to look forward to all winter.

I see these at the bottom of the garden after the vine is finished. When I look out of my kitchen window, they are dancing on the back fence and are especially beautiful in the setting sun, giving me cheery comfort on cold short days.

They are made from anodised saucepan lids from old fashioned triangular pots in varying colours of copper, peach and brass. They have been simply screwed to the fence. I have intended to make antennae from old forks but haven't got round to that yet.

The cuttings from the grapevine have hardened a little but still have plenty of flex and it is at this stage and time of year that I make wreaths from them or decorative woven balls for bud lighting to thread through.


  1. Love your pot lid butterflies !We cooked our vegies in those three cornered pots when we were kids .

  2. reduce, reuse, recycle. Your butterflies are a perfect example.


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