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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dreams Fulfilled

I have had an obsession for the last twenty years.
My mother watched it consume me and become ever more desperate as the years passed.
I'm sure in some small way she blamed herself and questioned her fitness as a mother....

I had a book when I was four years old called
Little Dream by Cynthia Leonetti.
My father was a bank manager and we moved around a lot as he was promoted and I guess in one of those moves, the book was "rationalised".

It is about a land of Dreams, some of them kings, rich people, wise men and heroes and every night they get called to Earth to "work". All except Little Dream, a sweet little girl who helps all the other Dreams with their chores and controls the stampeding horses called Nightmares.
She is so very sad but one night, while riding on a star, she is called.
When all the Dreams return from work and ask where Little Dream is, the Master Dream keeper tells them that because of her sweetness and selflessness she has attained the ultimate,
She is a Dream Come True.

She has gone to Earth and become someones little girl.

It's message struck such a huge chord for me that I couldn't forget it. As I got older and had children of my own, I realised I needed to pass this message on. They are indeed my Dreams come true too.
This is the book I want to read to my grandchildren.

I searched every second-hand bookstore I came to and every thrift shop. I googled and registered with every on-line book search company. Ambire Books went another step further and put a tweet out there on Twitter.....
I dared not believe that my search was finally over. I kept it a total secret from the child that still lives within me. I came home from work and sure enough there was a parcel card in the mailbox telling me there was a parcel waiting at the Post Office. Straight away, with the dogs in the car, we drove immediately there and the song on the radio came on...
"All I Have to do is Dream" omen I hopes were high.
When I handed over my card the Post lady came out with a large squishy package and I knew it was the sari I had ordered last week.
"Is there just the one parcel?" I asked.
"Just the one", she replied.
I drove home so disappointed. I parked up the backyard and went in through the back gate, and there at the back door.....
another flat post envelope.....could it be?
I cut it open and there was no hiding it from my inner child any longer. She was overjoyed!
I burst into tears and rang my mother straight away.
"It's here", I whispered huskily.
I have been a little emotional still and cry even now relating this to you.

Now that the search has ended I feel a little at a loss. It has been such a part of my life for the past twenty years. There are still a lot of 40ish year olds out there looking for this book. If you find a copy please contact Amber at Ambire Books so that she can make another inner child's dream come true.


  1. Oh Tanya, that's great. I remember how I felt when I found my lost book. It was as though a small lost part of me had been given back. enjoy it ( and keep it safe)

  2. A great post!

    Hang on to your dreams....


  3. Oh wow, what a touching read. I'm so happy for you. I know the feeling, I too had a lost book that I reconnected with accidentally yrs later...awesome post Tanya.

  4. Looks like a really sweet book. So glad you found it again. Thanks for sharing the story.

  5. I just found this post while searching for this book online - I also had Little Dream as a child - mine unfortunately got destroyed when I was 7- I am one of those 40ish (more ish than 40 ) year olds still looking for a replacement - it will show up one day - I'm glad you found yours :-)


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