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Monday, May 31, 2010


Craig had a small number of lambs to shear for a friend on the weekend. They were Suffolk ewes, my favourite kind.

This Rocky, the old sheep dog. He loves the shearing shed, reckon it reminds me him of younger faster days working the sheep. Now days he has one back leg that he holds at a bit of a stiff angle. He finds comfort for old bones on some discarded wool. No wonder his coat is so soft and shiny - from all the lanolin in the wool.


  1. Wow~How cool to know someone who can still shear sheep!

  2. That brings back fond memories of my farm life as a youngster.

    Are you going to keep some of the coloured wool for spinning and knitting?

    Rocky looks quite content there laying on his pile of wool.

  3. Well Outback I was tempted but have a bit too much on the go at the moment. Maybe next year. You can just imagine how delirious Rocky would be with all that smell of sheep in his nostrils. Like an old grandfather on the porch dreaming of times gone by.
    and Kat- makes his hands nice and soft too!


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