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Friday, May 28, 2010

Homemade Water Colours

I can't wait to have grandchildren and more importantly, when we do I hope they live in the same state. Craig and I have been evolving a garden plan with the expectation that we will have little people in the garden but that's a whole other post.

I was quite excited to find today on Creative Jewish Mom blog, a post about homemade water colour paint.
I love creative ideas but I adore them when they are frugal and have a small environmental impact. It uses ingredients already available in the pantry (I even have corn syrup from bubble blowing days). This is the sort of thing my Mum would do with us (there were 5 of us under 7yrs of age), so why did I feel that I had to buy large paint tubs, brushes and proper poster paints for my children for craft time?

Tegan age 5

Like the blog says, this method is probably not archive quality but they'll bring home plenty of that from school. This is a great learning activity for learning about colour mixing too.

 How good was "The Colour Kittens" as a first reference book? I loved this book and often referred to it for colour advice. Hmmm maybe this is the next book I need to buy for my future grandchildren.


  1. I swear I remember those kittens from my childhood! I love the homemade paint!

  2. Great! I did food colouring painting with my boy but the link you gave looks much better. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Hi, Always good to get some homemade ideas, and cheaper too, cheers Marie

  4. I used to have that book! And I loved it. What a wonderful memory.


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