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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oatlands Tasmania

I went to Oatlands today, which is in the midlands. I went on a whim and chasing another dinnerset!
It is a very old and picturesque town with lots of churches and sandstone buildings.
I was utterly captivated by this gorgeous gate.
Where does it lead? What was it for? Was it a loading dock or were there once steps?
I adore gates....especially mystery ones.
Look at the work that has gone into this....the measuring, the bending the welding. It's a work of art and an art that is becoming more and more rare.....
DON"T get me started on that stone work!

Another beautiful find in Oatlands was the Companion Bakery. They are dedicated to making bread in true artisan fashion. They use organic flour with their own fermented levening process and then cooked in an original wood fired oven. The trip is worth it for the pide bread alone which mt mother and I devoured on the way home. Salty, tangy, oily and subtle rosemary. The town has almost got the original flour mill working ( a distinctive landmark of the town) and it will be the perfect compliment for this dedicated bakery team for a true slow food process.

Australia's third oldest flour mill (1837), standing 50ft tall and with walls 2ft thick. Soon to grind again.


  1. Sounds like a good day out and i love artisan bakeries too. They seem to put love into each loaf of bread. Having the flour mill there too would compliment it well.

  2. Great pictures! I made olive oil ferment bread out of "Bourke Street Bakery" on the weekend. Delicious.

  3. Takes me back to my first visit to Oatlands not long after moving to Tassie in 1971. At that time a little shop there was the only place between Hobart and Launceston where you could get a cup of coffee or use a bathroom. (You walked through the litte restaurant and out across a courtyard at the back to the toilets.) Later someone opened up a classier tea shop across the street, in one of the two-storey stone houses. Their specialty was blueberry muffins, and for years we stopped there on every trip. I left Tasmania in 1987 and have rarely been back since. I believe the place has changed quite a bit since then and I look forward to returning soon as a tourist.

  4. I remember that place too Chartreuse. Things have certainly changed, especially in the last 15 yrs. Changed yet still retaining the old as well....I think you would love to spend some touring time in Tasmania re-discovering some old places again. Remember though, autumn is probably the best time of year here.


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