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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Knit With Me

Knee rugs and bed blankets are one of the most common ways to use up wool remnants and over the years I have crotched many. When I came across this stitches pattern book it gave me just the resource I needed to make a knitted patchwork rug. There is nothing nicer than a sampler.
Won't you knit with me?
I've no real plans other than I have a lot of 8ply leftovers and a lot of blue tones. I propose to use needles 3.75mm-4.5mm depending on the wool type and bulk. I rather think the squares will vary in square size but that's all part of the patchwork and scrap idea.
If you can knit and purl, you'll be able to manage these squares. If you have any furry wool remnants like "feathers" then use it for plain knit stitch pieces. Plain wool plys will showcase the patterns beautifully.

Something simple to start off. A 7 x 3 flat rib
For my first square I'm casting on 47 stitches.
Row 1: *K7, P3* ending with K7
Row 2: *P7, K3* ending with P7
Repeat these two rows till you have a square (it measures the same across as it does up)
I'm starting off with a cobalt blue Aarlan Royal leftover and a pair of 3.75mm needles.
I plan to knit a square a week at least......hopefully....
Come knit with me.


  1. I'd like to join you on this, I have heaps of bits of wool to use up.

    cheers Kate

  2. Heaps (and heaps and heaps) of left over wool - will try to knitalong with you - one square a month is achievable if the time is available. Did you have an average size square in mind?

  3. This first square I'm knitting (cast on of 47 stitches) is measuring 18cm or 7". That's roughly the size I was aiming for (15cm x 15cm up to about 18cm x 18cm) I want the squares to be big enough to showcase the stitches but small enough that I don't get bored and can move on to another pattern. I think my squares are going to be different sizes give or take an inch but you could custom make yours to all the one size. I want mne to be a bit crazy and very like a sampler.

  4. I'm finishing up something similar. Hopefully I get my squares sewn up into their rug over the Easter break.

  5. Not joining you in this project atm but a good idea would be to knit the feathers with a 8 ply. It is not so flimsy that way. Love to see the finished project. Have a nice day

  6. Toria- would love to see pictures when it's finished. Have you decided how you are going to join the squares yet?

    Rina- excellent idea. That would be the way to use up that type of yarn in this project.

  7. I will be watching but won't join as I have a couple of cardigans and a jacket I want to knit before winter.

  8. Oh what a great idea, I may join you on this (here and there) between projects.

  9. I too have just picked up the knitting needles after a summer hiatus. I am only learning so will stick to my cushion design which is task 3 from the learn to sew book I am trying to work through!

  10. Debbie- I know you are a fast knitter and I'm sure you'll catch us up when you get bored.
    Hughesey- well done. Keep up the tasks and working through.
    Slipstitch- I know you have plenty of projects on the go...hope you can find time to join us.
    Everyone...whether you join us now or later, the patterns will be here to inspire you and you can work at your own pace.
    Love Tanya

  11. oh this sounds like a fab idea. I often think of doing this as I don't think I will ever master the granny. I will try and do some squares a bit later when I have finished some other projects it will take me ages!

  12. I am loving knitting with Tanya...and look forward to your new pattern each week. I loved the sand stitch and will use either side. I think I know how I am going to put my project together when I have enough squares too. Thank you for letting me "knit with you"...keep up the good work!!


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