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Monday, March 22, 2010

Pop Art Plate

Looks a bit like Pop Art!
We had friends over for dinner and made a side of mixed tomato vatieties with Spanish Onion. 
Super simple dish but was a real stunner at the table.
The magenta of the onion rings offset perfectly the various reds and golds of the tomatoes. 
A plain white plate lets these colours do all the talking.
The varieties here include; Beefsteak, Oxheart (the most amazing aroma), Grosse Lisse, Roma, Hillbilly (gorgeous gold) and another cherry variety that is a stunning rose pink.

Now is the time to reflect on the best plants and their fruiting characteristics and save seed.
has a really great article about saving tomato seed.
Soon I will post the pattern and examples of the seed packets I make for my saved seed which also make great presents for keen gardeners

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