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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Modern Conveniences

Still picking beans! The Blue Lake and the Scarlett Runners are coming towards the end but the Purple King's are just starting. There is no room in the freezer so am bottling (canning) them now.
To help me get through these mountains, I have purchased a modern convenience.....

It powers through those beans in time and having the two slots is particularly good because I have such a broad variety of beans.
When Craig had it pulled apart for some maintenance and sharpening, we marvelled at the beauty of the design. It is mainly iron cast in the one piece. We mused for some time about a designer, creating the moulds and about the processes required. Our hands lingered over the grindings that someone did to finish off the rough edges before everything was painted and assembled.
It has a label on the side, "SPONG made in England"
 Things are still manufactured today of course but not quite in the same way as a piece like this.
I wonder often, if with all our new found technology in manufacture, we aren't losing lots of valuable skills to our detriment.

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  1. I think a lot of skills have been lost, as most things are now done by machines. It is just not the same.


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