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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding the Moment

I've made it a practice, every single day, to find one moment.....
the one that goes with....
"It doesn't get any better than this...."

If you look for one moment everyday where you can apply this sentiment, then you will know contentment and bring the balance and perspective back into your world. It doesn't take any time and it's free.
We all have bad days, but in amongst that 24hrs, I know there is always a moment of bliss, or contentment, or beauty, or satisfaction.....
Sometimes it's the pleasure of crisp white sheets dried in the breeze, stiff on the bed and smelling of pure
The smell of fresh baked bread through the house...or even better....buttered still hot.
That wonderful feeling of "good" weariness after a job well done. Sometimes it's just the feeling of sheer satisfaction!
Or your aching feet cooling off in a bucket of water!

Or it's the simple beauty in our surroundings.....
You start to realise just how easily you can find pleasure and find a reason to be grateful.
It's focusing on the small things....
perhaps it's the very everyday things that we take for granted that are the most awesome.
When you find such a moment don't forget to say...
"It doesn't get any better than this...."
it's one of the most powerful positive (and very Aussie) things to say.

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  1. This post is so refreshing. I'm delighted to have found your blog today. I come here by way of your kitchen sink photo at "down-to-earth." Beautiful kitchen, by the way. I am now following your blog and will be visiting again soon. Good day to you!
    ~Brandi at


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