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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Going From Plonked to Posed

Last week I bought flowers...
I love them but can really justify buying them and happily settle for what's in the garden most of the time. The pickings are pretty slim this far into winter and usually I have a large urn full of fishbone fern. It lasts and lasts for weeks.
Last week was our anniversary and I justified "I'm just buying my own flowers". Most men don't get the flowers "thing" do they. Some do, most don't.
What I was really doing was dying try out this tutorial I found and pinned recently...

I bought just under $50 worth of flowers; the asiatic lilies, white pom-pom and pink chrysanthemums. I added a couple of earlicheer jonquils and some greenery from my own garden.
Instead of the haphazard plonking effect I managed to justify the purchase and create a bouquet!

My flowers do well in the winter where it is cooler and not artificially heated and the chrissies will last at least a couple of weeks. 
Do try it out and I would love you to post a link at the bottom if you take photos.
If you head over to the tutorial and see the pictures you will relate to my meaning I'm sure. 
I know my friend Kylie does over at Lucy Violet Vintage because she bought flowers last week too and I love her justification writings. Love her and her blog.


  1. Happy Anniversary Tanya! A great reason to buy flowers...they are gorgeous. I hope they'll last well and give you plenty of smiles this week!

  2. I never buy flowers either for the same reasons as you. But recently I bought a pot full of flowering chrysanthemums and they were less than half the price of a bouquet and lasted four times as long. In fact, once I chop them back, I can plant them on and I'll get another round. Win!

    Love your bouquet, happy anniversary!

  3. Gorgeous flowers Tanya, love the colours......congrats on your anniversary too
    Your flowers will smell wonderful when the Lilies open and the Earlicheer too, delightful.....

    Claire x

  4. Happy Anniversary! I never buy flowers as they just dont last! Occasionally my hubby buys me flowers.


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