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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ripe Near Me - A Free Food Network

is a free site that allows you map food in your area; for sale or free or foraging.
It is a way for communities to network and make use of local produce and though this is an Australian initiative, it's available globally, so you too in your country can map your produce for locals.
Not just for backyarders either, local food producers can also list for local sales. Producers can really take it to the people, skip the big companies, reduce food miles and get paid a fair price.

Being able to tap into local produce means finding fresher food and real taste and flavour.
Even now when in the depths of winter and you think nothing is growing there is still plenty of food available. I have listed several things.

You have a much greater opportunity to try one of the thousands of diverse edibles including heirloom varieties not normally available in supermarkets.
Mostly the food will be organic, especially from back yard growers because there is no need for poisons or sprays in a poly-cropping environment.

You can support local growers and connect with community.
More importantly you'll connect with nature and buy seasonally reducing packaging and food miles drastically. Instead of being disappointed with tasteless tomatoes in winter, get excited about root vegetables and flowering edibles.

are some great reasons to get involved.
Where ever you live in the world, go to the site and map your food and spread the word. Lets work together and eat 100
Find them also on facebook here

P.S. The winner of the draw for the Meat Cookery Book was Africanaussie and she has very kindly entered saying that if she won she would like the book to go to Renae and she would love the Microplane as a consolation. So Renae and Africanaussie please email me with your mailing address details and I'll pop them in the post.


  1. what an interesting initiative tanya and thanks for posting about it..i often see fruit trees burgeoning with fruit that's not being used and i have excess produce sometimes that i'd like to pass on to someone..

  2. A great idea Tanya, once you start chatting to people it's amazing to find out who grows what...

    Claire x

  3. wow, we once got a huge bag of lemons on freecylce

  4. Great idea. Is that a beetroot salad in the third photo? It looks delicious!

    1. Hi Vintage Jane,

      Yes it’s a Beetroot and Carrot Salad with Pomegranate Dressing and the recipe is here
      It really is delicious

  5. Oh thank you so much - I e-mailed you my address, and look forward to playing with my new microplane when it arrives.

  6. Hi Tanya.
    I went to a talk at my local library recently about a new website based here in Brisbane - Edible Yards - which is also a free food network. It is fantastic that these are springing up all over the country.


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