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Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Cos It's Raining...

The heavens have opened above us and there is some serious storms about.
Bare paddocks have developed creeks and rivulets.
The sky is shedding a million tears and roads have been cut.

Within my life.....
pretty much the same.
You may think I have been quiet of late but there has been much thinking.
There a two things you can be assured of about my character.
1. My integrity is my most treasured and precious possession. 
2. I don't say something unless I am absolutely sure of it's worth and I only speak if it's worth saying. I don't yap for the sake of it.

Some things eclipse the ordinary like...
 the garlic sitting in bogged soil
The chickens are outraged with the level of wetness
I am thinking and knitting and trying to smile genuinely when Craig shows me for the umpteenth time his layout for the cockpit dashboard....
One things for sure though,
I have some lovely friends who'll share their umbrella.


  1. Dear Tanya. I'm over from Rabid Little Hippy and have just discovered your blog. I'm enjoying reading your archives and looking forward to following it.

  2. Tanya,
    We re in our dry season at the moment, but I know what continual rain is like. I hope you get some sunshine soon.

  3. thank you so much for the microplane which I won on your giveaway - it is awesome!

  4. Love the WTP drawing, my sort of weather, minus any flooding and damage!!
    Hope all is well with you Tanya.....

    Claire X

  5. Although it's been seriously wet this winter, the last week has been pretty dry. This morning we had a lovely shower to water in the newly planted seedlings and frangipanis...great timing...I hope your girls don't get too cranky!

  6. Those gumboots are gorgeous, Tanya! Hopefully the rain will stop gets a bit depressing after a while!

  7. I know the feeling with all the rain, even the dog was grunting in exasperation at no outside activity..however the chooks wouldn't take no for an answer & after letting them out they headed straight under the house to sit below the wood heater!!! Smarty pants...Did you get affected by the floods, Cataract Gorge looked like a raging torrent..


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