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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Love Token Cost

I bought issue 23 of "Mollie Makes" a few months ago. It's British so I guess I paid about $7, I bought it for mild amusement but decided to spend a miserable Sunday afternoon making the little fox character for my daughter in Hobart....just a little love token much to the bemusement of our son ("Yeah but what do you do with it?" "Well she'll just put it on her desk for a couple of weeks and think of me and then she'll give it to someone else or give it to the dog or spill coffee on it and throw it away"). I start to wonder if this is a silly idea because part of me agrees with Mr. Practical.

The relevant instructions are roughly five pages out of 100 so 5% of the magazine cost would be 35 cents.
I purchased one piece of orangish coloured felt for 90 cents and used a third of it so we'll call it 30 cents. 
I used leftover floss and felt from my stash so lets call it another 10 cents worth.
The stuffing was a couple of handfuls 
So I am going to cost the actual little piece of affectionate folly at no more than 80 cents. It is about 7cm x 5cm, just a small trinket.

I want to surprise my daughter and post it to her 200km away in Hobart - same State - just a 2hr drive....
It weighs only 3g but it is more than 2cm thick so it can't be classified as an envelope item but must be classified as a parcel. I'm definitely thinking this is a silly idea.

So I took it home and gave it some thought and then squished the life out of it between the pages of a small many years obsolete mobile phone instruction book and taped it to a flat 2 cm yet less than 125g weight envelope size. 
So I got my love token cost done to $2.00 in total.
Seriously Australia Post there has to be a better way of rate calculation. I have just added 120g weight and reduced my cost by $5.25 but the extra weight to petrol ratio has cost you more.

Are you re-thinking your parcel post this Christmas?
What are your ideas for low cost far flung gift ideas? 


  1. Hey Tanya, don't get me started on Australia Post and their ridiculous postage rates.
    Your little fox is just gorgeous and if it brings a smile to someone then it is totally worth the effort.
    Think i would've just popped it in a normal envelope and thrown some stamps on it and fingers crossed, hehe.......
    I've found that a small pincushion that I would sell at a market for approx. $7.00 would cost $15.00 to post to the UK, because of the thickness of it!!So if I wanted to sell one online, I would probably 'flatpack' it and suggest the purchaser stuff and stitch it themsleves!!
    Not happy........

    CLaire x

  2. I do hope she appreciates it after so much love, determination and hard work has gone into the making and posting of it!! Our postal service is just as ridiculous here. M x

  3. Its gorgeous !

    I found cd boxes were the cheapest for postage slightly plumpy things. $1.00 to post (last year).

  4. I did the same thing when I wanted to send a miniature cushion to my daughter in America. I put it into a ziplock bag and expelled the air. Also something that I am not sure what she is going to do with it, but as I said it was sent to her chock a block full of my love which I hope oozes out wherever she places it. Sometimes it is nice to be unpractical.


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