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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Australian Book of Meat Cookery - Give Away

This book was first published back in 1972 by the Australian Meat Board. I remember it in Mum's recipe book library and was thrilled to eventually find one of my own some years ago. My youngest brother was also keen to get a copy and I was excited to be able to find one for him last year.

It has great reference pages for cuts of beef, lamb, pork and where they come from on the beast and how best to cook them. You'll be able to converse with your butcher most knowledgeably.

Very 1970's styling when cane baskets and timber salad bowls were very fashionable.

A couple of pages about carving different cuts and styles which is becoming a lost art.

Lots of easy to read and simply set out recipes for many categories.

Including a chapter on offal. Not many cookbooks include offal recipes any-more.

It's spiral bound spine also makes the book lie flat and open for easy recipe and instruction study. 
It's right up there with the Golden Circle Pineapple Cookery Book
I was excited to find another copy of this great book and perhaps you are an excitable carnivore too.
If you would like to own this copy leave a comment. If there are more than one excitable carnivores we'll do a draw. (I am also happy to post anywhere in the world).

I do so hope someone would love this book because I guess I would like to think that another generation will grow up, subtly absorbing the information from this book from your shelf, especially now that they visit butcher shops so infrequently with parents now. Do you remember when your Mum used to send you down to the shop to ask for a kilo of topside mince?
I can't remember the last time I saw kids at the butchers when I have been shopping lately.
We could go on and on for ages with just memories of butcher's shops of old I reckon.

(Footnote: For those who may want their vote cast for Renae, I will place your name into a draw for a "consolation" of my other very favourite things!.....)
a Microplane Fine Zester


  1. OMG - I have been looking for a copy of this book for the last 10 years. My mother-in-law lent me hers and unfortunately I lost it during a house move, so I've been trying to track down a replacement for her. The trouble was, I couldn't remember the name of it. Would love to have this one, but even if I don't at least I now have a name to search for :)

  2. I'm an excitable carnivore, but I think Renae needs this book more than me! If I win, send it on to her.

  3. Looks like an amazing cookbook Tanya! The section on different cuts of meat is a great reference and the part about how to properly carve joints of meat is interesting. I thought my mum had every cookbook under the sun, but she doesn't have this one!

  4. I am across the pond (Way across and north just a 'few' miles) from you - enjoying your posts all the way from Minneapolis, MN USA. I especially love living vicariously through you in February & March when it's bitter cold here, but lovely, warm and green for you! I am in the heart of the Midwest, which means farm country is all around me. I buy a side of grass fed beef from a friends small farm and I would LOVE to be able to converse more knowledgeably with the butcher/finisher when asking him to prep my beef - AND know how to cook some of these non-standard items. So I'm putting my name in the hat! Cheers.

  5. As if Brad wouldn't love this. Is there meat, well yes. So yeah he would love this

  6. But on second thoughts I'd love Renae to have it more and I would love a dip at that there microplane. Elisha

  7. Every carnivore should own at least one book that discusses offal, but I agree with others that Renae should be the recipient of your very generous offer. So if you're choosing a name at random and mine comes up, please send the book to her.

  8. Waiting 10 years for a cookbook - the prize should definitely go to Ranae. You can count me in the draw for that microplane though :)

  9. My son has just been working at the local abattoir...we are much more knowledgeable about cuts of meat and the anatomy of a cow now!

  10. I'm not in for the draw just wishing Renae all the best.

  11. Wow, thanks to those who've cast a vote for me - very kind of you. Like I said, would love to win this, but even if I don't I have a name to search for now :) All the best for everyone in the draw.

  12. I would love to win this book to give as a gift to my grandson and his new wife. Thank you for this giveaway.

  13. These recipes are so sophisticated, I wish I could cook steaks this way! I usually use this recipe and this one
    It’s pretty basic but it never let me down. And yes, the recipe of offal is exactly what I always wanted to try. I can’t clearly see the ingredients and guidelines on the picture but it looks amazing. The winner is being lucky

  14. I love the 70's wooden plates. :) I'd love a copy of this book - how to really cook with meat and as one day I'd love to raise and butcher our own this would be a great resource for us.

  15. This is simply the best meat cookery book ever. In 1972 as a young housewife who never grew up on the land like my parents. My education is meat cuts was severely lacking. My mother bought me and my sister in-law one each. At 64 I still refer to it when baking and checking cuts of meat, even though cut names have changed. I am looking for a copy as I have 2 sons and want to give them one each, one day. My sister in-law did not want hers and gave it to me and I did something I a rarely inclined to do, because this always happens, I never got it back. Never ever lend your beloved books.


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