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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tree Picking in July

Killiecrankie Farm is Tasmania's only Christmas Tree Farm where you can even choose your own tree. Unlike the trees pillaged from the bush and left to go limp in buckets of water under a hot sun outside the local petrol station, the farmed trees are species specific, irrigated and pruned several times a year for a traditional shape. When they are cut they are vigorous and when placed in wet sand or a tree holder with water, they will last 4-6 weeks.

Killiecrankie Farm are hosting their first ever
Sunday 21st July

You and your family get to go out into the paddock and select the exact tree that's right for you and reserve it for Christmas. Don't forget your gumboots and scarves.
To keep you warm, they will have mulled wine and wine sellers will be there from Marion's Vineyard. Langdale Farm will be there with a free range pork BBQ and they are happy to tell you about their heritage breed that they raise. 
Tamar Valley Hazelnuts will be there selling hot roasted hazelnuts too
Could it get any better!!!

Well yes it could....
A wreath making workshop with basket weaver Jill Spencer!
Including morning/afternoon tea catered by Ilk Cafe
Spaces are limited and bookings close on Fri 12th
Go here to reserve your spot.
I'm booked for the afternoon session so I can wander beforehand and choose my tree and have a sausage.

All images kindly allowed by Killiecrankie Farm.
For more information use the relevant links above or find them on facebook here
If anyone wants a lift out to the farm contact me via comments, email or my facebook page here

(Footnote: Don't you just love the first photo! That is one of Lee's trees at Harvest Market last year in Launceston with the beautiful Albert Hall in the background.)


  1. We are blessed here in Tassie..
    I thought the first pic was in Europe.. Well there you go.:))

    hugs pat ..

  2. Sounds like fun. We are one of those pillage from the bush people. But my excuse is that the 'bush' is on our property, and the tree is a wilding pine - a pest here in NZ, so I'm really doing a good thing. and the closest tree farm that I know of is in Auckland - four hours drive. It would be a limp tree by the time it got home ;) Enjoy your wreath making session!

    1. I should clarify, when I refer to pillage I might be referring to a "local man" who "acquires" trees of "dubious" source and sells around town. (Read: tactfully elusive clarifying statement)


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