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Friday, May 10, 2013

There is no Snapping Out Of It!

We have talked a bit about The Depressions here on this blog and I firmly believe if we talk about such things then more understanding and insight will follow, for those feeling it and for those with loved ones who are living it.

I read something very powerful today and I felt it very accurately described the decent of depression and clearly so did more than 5000 people who have commented. It is a "must read" for those who can't understand why people don't snap out of it. The greatest evidence of hope I saw at the end of this post was that in order to be able to so accurately describe the feelings, the writer must most assuredly be on the other side of depression.

The only thing I would add to this wonderful text of analogies is that being a "recovered depressionista" I do constantly peer over my shoulder looking for that black dog. I do worry and analyze feelings just in case he should be trying to worm his way back in.
I promise the next post will be much more fun and exciting but for now I hand you over to....
There is no 


  1. Wow, such a big subject, the link was wonderful and really explained things well. I have a friend who suffers with depression and whilst I know it's terribly hard for her, it's equally hard to be around her. Everything is such an effort....Horrible disease, but reading the post over at Hyperbole and a Half explained it so well.
    Funny thing is Tanya the piece of corn moment 'I actually get it' just wondering what that says about me?
    Thanks for posting this, stay well and if you ever see that black dog the Ranger ASAP

    Claire x

  2. I think most people are touched by a degree of depression at one time or another in their lives, your link was excellent and the graphics adorable. I hope you're not dogged any time soon, it seems life lived with purpose is one of the best antidotes and we often succumb when life is in transition...or then again..just because.

  3. Wow, that was a huge post. I'm still not sure I completely understand, but at least I think I have more of a handle on how all-encompassing depression is. I've thought that I've had a touch of depression before, but after reading that I'm not so sure. Anything I've had just doesn't compare to the enormity (or complete lack) of what she was feeling. Thank you for pointing us to it. Eye opening.

  4. That's what makes keyboards so nice. Instead of trying to force the right body and facial expressions, all you have to do it type in smilies and exclamation points! Isn't that awesome!!? :)
    Nobody ever has to let anybody down again by not getting it right. The world is a wonderful place!!! :)


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