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Monday, May 20, 2013

Holiday Knitting

This was my cosy knitting nook at the cottage with lots of light over my shoulder. The weather had turned cooler dropping to about 7C but the heater had us warm and contented. 
I love sock knitting because it is so portable. For our holiday I started a pair of toe up socks using Malabrigo sock yarn.

You can find the free pattern here and don't be shy to have a go, Liat from KNITfreedom even does full video tutorials of all the techniques, so if you have always wanted to but never dared, this is a great resource.
I favour double pointed needles, can't quite get the circulars to not tangle!

This is all I've got done! The holiday was far too intriguing and I found that staying at B&Bs you are meeting new people and involved in lot's of conversing. The cottage was our only stay on our own. Normally I can knit in the car but I did all the driving on this trip. I could have knit on the cruise but the scenery was so breathtaking. 
Yarn details etc here on my Ravelry projects
Did I tell you I got my wrap/vest finished in time for the trip?

This is from the pattern "Ripples and Waves" purchase here 
and you can see it on my projects list here.

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  1. Thanks for the sock pattern link. I've never knit a toe-up pair of socks because I didn't think the heel would fit my foot. I'll try this pattern.


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