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Monday, May 13, 2013

Crumb Street Kitchen

Crumb Street Kitchen is the word around Hobart town for quirky dining.
Definitely not for the vegetarians, this hip little cafe serves about five different cuts of meat, smoked and BBQed in various ways. You can choose the option of sides of bread, potato salad and beans and lest you think these are just a nod and wink to the meat, think again, they are amazingly tasty.

The decor is very quirky too. The shot above is the window which contains planter boxes of grass and pavers that are "mortared" with lego bricks. The tables are old recycled cable reels and a bright array of chairs mis-matched complete the look. The owners took over the lease and inherited a huge stack of pizza boxes from it's past life as a pizza shop, so putting them to good use, that is how your meal is served, which is particularly suited for shared eating.

Teddy said we had to get there early as they often sell out due to popularity and as we left and were getting into the car people were streaming in. It was great to see a young couple doing so well from word of mouth. Run on the smell of an oily rag I really hope they expand and go from strength to strength. The food was hearty and tasty.

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  1. We were talking, fondly, over dinner just an hour ago about out trip to Tasmania about 5 years ago, Strange that your blog was first up.

  2. I smiled to myself when I read the heading, thinking "what are you up to ?" LOL..
    Well it looks like a great place to have some fun in Hobart... Thanks for sharing :))

  3. Must file this away for when we visit your state again! Sounds wonderful!


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