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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Duckiest Cottage


There are a lot of you out there who like a bit of vintage, well we hit the jackpot with our Stanley accommodation when we stayed at Estowen House.

It was utterly charming and words are not needed. I was so excited and wanted to share so many delights that there were way too many photos, so I have created a few collages too. I am definitely going back one day soon and I hope you get the opportunity too.

Happiness is an entire collection of Georgette Heyer!
Isn't it duckie! I didn't want to leave.
I hope it never changes.


  1. Oooh, that is so delightful. And a shelf of Georgette Heyer? Bliss! Nothing more needed for a gorgeous holiday. Thankyou for the recommendation - that is definitely going on the list.

  2. A charming place to relax.

  3. How delicious! I remember reading Charity Girl when I was about 16..I had a few years of Georgette Heyer at that stage...probably worth a revisit I think!

  4. We had a driving holiday in Tassie about 16 years ago, staying in B&B's in the towns you have shown...I sooo loved the way those little cottages were set up...all the old bits and pieces on display...but the fact that we were trusted to look and touch and use amazed todays world where everything is under lock and key...where dishonesty has stopped a lot of this....It was so lovely to experience...I am so glad it is still the same..


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