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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Wooden Boat Picnic

A picnic on the river!
I mean right ON the river,
not the bank,
in a boat.....

On a gorgeous, sunny and unseasonably warm autumn day in historic Richmond.
Richmond is one of the oldest towns in Australia and is well visited in Tasmania. I previously visited and posted about the oldest continuously used Catholic church in Australia here.

Richmond is also well known for it's magnificent bridge built with the same techniques of buttressing as many larger stone bridges in England and completed with convict labour.

We were alone on the river and drifted and rowed lazily and lunched in the sun.

We hired the sturdy little wooden dingy from "Richmond Park Boathouse" and they also arrange picnics too. We ordered a Luncheon Basket for two and it was beautifully packed with entirely local produce; cold meats, mixed leaf salad, vintage cheddar, relish, cake and bread rolls. I also chose a sparkling wine for the occasion.

It was wonderful. Craig was once a competitive rower so I could not have been in better hands. I absolutely and whole heartedly recommend the experience. 
You can find the web site here.


  1. Your outing sounds divine!

  2. What a delightful outing Tanya. Richmond is such a lovely little place. Wish I had known about the boathouse when I visited in 2011? A picnic in a boat sounds very 'Wind in the Willows" but maybe not in Winter when we were there!!
    Hope you are having a lovely Mother' Day and weekend,

    Claire x

  3. Sounds absolutely beautiful it will be on my to do list next time I visit Tasmania.

  4. what a lovely thing to do on a sunny autumn day..

  5. What a delightful day you two had!

  6. For a wooden boat fan as me, it is a delight to read your story.

  7. How lovely is that? I would love to have a picnic on a boat like that!


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