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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Winter Whispering Pines

A friend of mine recently pointed out that "it was about time to change the dresser because it's nearly Spring". Technically it may be Spring next month but this is when our Winter gets well and truly underway. Now is the time for heavy snowfalls in the highlands and winds racing up from the South Pole bringing icy temperatures that make your nose sting deep inside.
I found these serene Japanese porcelain plates at the local op shop for 20cents each!

The bowls were $3.00 each and the smoky glasses were $2.50 each.
These will be great for water glasses or sweet dishes.
I love the pine/fir tree pattern because it evokes a wintry white feeling of serenity like the silence in the snow. It accents easily with white of course but I could easily mix it with my pink plates also. Add a piece or two of cork wood and a couple of pine cones and candles to the table and the mood is complete.

A four place dinner setting for under $25.00. Frugal and flash.


  1. Cool finds. Love those smokey glasses! :)

  2. such wonderful finds I LOVE LOVE LOVE those smokey glasses

  3. Oh. My. Gosh!!!!!
    We had that china when I was growing up!
    I might never have remembered it until I saw your photos--and then BLAMMO! What a rush of memories...

  4. Kat how gorgeous. I love it when memories happen like that. I saw these plates and picked them up and carried them around the shop for a while. Then I thought how ridiculous to buy yet another dinnerset, so I put it back down. I couldn't get it out of my head though. I was in love. After a week I expected it to be gone but there it was waiting for me. What year approximately do you remember it?

  5. what a serene collection - beautifully put together.
    Love that thrift - those glass beakers are so nice to drink tea out of - i have a brown one that is about 25 years old dad bought it back from france - a tradition to have tea at my folks place in it :)

  6. I love both the china and the smoky glasses. Ya know, I kind of miss seeing snow sometimes.


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