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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mt Field National Park

The walk to the falls.

How great Thou art.
After the falls we drove about 20 mins further up the mountain to the Lake Dobson area which is a water catchment area and beyond a popular cross country skiing spot.

I was so glad I had just put new tyres on all round.
Playtime was brief as we hadn't expected to be in the snow and were ill equipped for a proper snow fight. They loved it and squealed like 7 year old girls.....including Craig!


  1. How exciting Tanya, I really love the second pic. Those types of trips are the best and your pics make me long for such a thing back in my home country.

  2. Brrr...autumn is just now creeping up on us here, and I can positively feel the briskness of the snow in those pics.

  3. awesome snows !
    Ben Lomond had 2m over the last week.
    Glad that you never grow out of having this type of fun :)


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