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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Second Hand Wedding"

I went to the State Cinema for the first time last weekend when I was visiting the girls. It was first built in 1914 and has had a very rocky road over the last 100 years with changing fashions and trends and probably the biggest threat of all was televisions in every home. Today it is thriving as a small independent cinema and renovations have enabled the building to house five cinemas now (some very intimate and lounge-like with double seater sofas), licensed cafe and a return to the original facade.

We saw a very entertaining New Zealand film called "Second Hand Wedding" and came away feeling light and happy. There were some very funny moments but I loved the "ordinariness" of it too; the bargain obsessed mother with her life long adoration of John Rowles was a great character.
We had the cosy cinema 5 with beautiful sandstone walls and leather lounges that seats about 20 people. With everyone laughing together it was like being at home with friends. Tegan also introduced me to a lolly called sour mandarins which were divine. Such a great mother and daughter day.


  1. I love the state theatre. I haven't been there for years though. I always really liked how you could take your hot drink into the cinema in a ceramic mug. It just added to the warmth of the whole experience:)

  2. what a great outing - you seem to be finding some lovely places to visit in your wanderings lately. We went once to the State theatre many years ago when working in Hobart for the week - wish the film society here could find just such a venue to give Launie some more nostalgic hang outs.

  3. sounds like a fabulous day and the movie sounds wonderful! I will have to try and find it


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