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Friday, August 27, 2010

Knit With Me 22


I hope you have worked out last weeks' pattern. Ever the optimist I kept going knowing in the back of my mind it couldn't be right. To be fair I was at a Ravelry knitting meet up and was getting to know the group and absorbing lots of other information at the time. Unlike most of my fellow sisterhood, I do NOT manage to do OR think two things at once!
The end result of a flawed pattern, an optimistic nature and a single mindedness resulted in.....
a Barbie doll skirt.
I haven't knitted one in a long time but back in the day a lot of my goofed projects turned into Barbie doll skirts....or Barbie blankets. I'm sure you had a few.
The Ravalry meet was great. Naturally it is lovely to meet new people especially those with similar interests. I loved their chatter as they knitted and had my eyes opened to new ideas and possibilities.
Oh dear! I've forgotten the names of everyone already but the lady on my right had found some Patons Bluebell at the op shop. It was cream with a gold thread through it. I would have passed it over but she was making a frilled edge baby beanie with it and alternating with a bright pink. Charming!

This week I have chosen a pattern called ladders. It is knit over multiples of 8 +1 so I am casting on 49 stitches. It goes like this....
Row 1 and 3: *K5, wl.fwd, sl 3 purlwise*, K1
Row 2: P1, *wl.bk, sl 3 purlwise, wl.fwd, P5*
Row 4 and 8: P
Row 5 and 7: K1 *wl.fwd, sl 3 purlwise, K5*
Row 6: *P5, wl.bk, sl 3 purlwise*, P1

 wl.fwd means wool forward
wl.bk means wool back
sl. means slip
purlwise - as if you were putting the needle into the stitch to do a purl
This is not (as with most) as complicated as it looks. Enjoy....
and consider looking up your local Ravelry group.

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  1. My Nan made a jumper for Dad once in this style - now I know how much work must have gone into it !


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