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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Russell Falls

I was hoping to meet up with Rina from Our Slice of Heaven who was visiting Tasmania this past week but it was not to be. I hope she had a good time and didn't let the weather deter her, we sure didn't. Craig and I stayed with the girls in Hobart at the weekend. I felt so proud of them as we all went to the polling booth as a family Saturday morning to cast our votes in the Federal Election.
After voting we headed to Russell Falls which is about 40 mins drive from Hobart. Though it is a wet and muddy place, especially in winter, it is quite accessible for all ages. We saw plenty of wallabies but were disappointed not to catch sight of a platypus (in the quiet waters of course).
The water was bucketing down with the recent rain and snows. The reason the photo above looks grainy is because the entire area was awash in mist and spray from the falls. The falls were very loud making speech impractical and we gazed in a kind of reverential silence and awe soaking in the wonderful atmosphere. You know when it makes you feel all tingly and places something positive in the solar plexus area?
Craig looks like he has an elaborate woollen turban on his head but it is in fact his favourite snow balaclava that he he wears scrunched up on his head. I've never seen him wear it in true balaclava style and I haven't the heart to tell him people take quick second glances because it looks like a pair of undies on his head!
If you are feeling energetic then a short but steep walk up the mountain will bring you to Horseshoe falls. While the track is great, it is not wheelchair accessible. This is the kind of exercise I like, something with a good "pay off" at the end. The last time I brought Tegan here she was only 3, that was 20 years ago. Entrance into the park is $24 for a day pass per carload. The facilities are really good and the tracks well maintained and we felt we had value for money.....
but that's not where the fun stopped....
there was snow in them thar hills....

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  1. Hi Tanya, We had a great time the weather was not that bad at all. Meeting just did not work out this time, we toured south of Hobart mostly and when I saw you're in up north I just gave it a miss. But we will come back next year (same time) and visit your area. Promise!We could have stayed for a month easy.Have a great weekend.Rina


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